The Turkish Jester; or, The Pleasantries of Cogia Nasr Eddin - download pdf or read online

By George Borrow

ISBN-10: 1406530549

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Nasreddin (meaning "Victory of the Faith", Turkish Nasreddin Hoca, Bosnian Nasrudin Hod?a) used to be a satirical sufi determine who lived through the center a while (around thirteenth century), someplace in better Khorasan, less than the Seljuq rule. many countries of the center East and principal Asia declare the Nasreddin as their very own (Afghans, Iranians, Turks, and Uzbeks). His identify is spelled in a different way in numerous cultures and is frequently preceded or via titles "Hodja", "Mullah", or "Effendi". Nasreddin was once a populist thinker and clever guy, remembered for his humorous tales and anecdotes. In China he's often called Afanti, a folks hero of the Uyghurs (a Turkic people). a lot of Nasreddin's activities will be defined as illogical but logical, rational but irrational, strange but general, silly, but sharp, and straightforward but profound. What provides even additional to his distinctiveness is the way in which he will get throughout his messages in unconventional but very potent equipment in a profound simplicity.

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Must not the kid have become an old goat? ' One day whilst the Cogia was holding an oration at the Castle of Siouri, he was contradicted by the Soubashi or Superintendent. Shortly after, it happened that the Soubashi died and was buried; whereupon they said, ‘Come, Effendi, preach a sermon over him. ' ‘You must find some one else, ' said the Cogia. ‘He won’t mind my words, for he always contradicts me. ' One day two men were sitting together in a shop before their houses, engaged in discourse. Their houses abutted upon each other, and it so happened that a dog came and deposited his dirt on the ground in the middle of the street before their houses.

The Cogia, taking the child, sat with him upon his lap. Presently, however, the child p—- upon the Cogia; whereupon the Cogia, getting up, p—- over the child, from head to foot. His wife coming, said, ‘O Cogia, why have you acted in this manner? ' ‘I would have —- over him, ' said the Cogia, ‘if he had done so over me. ' One day the Cogia’s wife, having washed the Cogia’s kaftan, hung it upon a tree to dry; the Cogia going out saw, as he supposed, a man standing in the tree with his arms stretched out.

The cat runs away with all of them, ' replied the wife. Thereupon the Cogia getting up, put his hatchet in the trunk and locked it up. Says his wife to the Cogia, ‘For fear of whom do you lock up the hatchet? ' ‘For fear of the cat, ' replied the Cogia. ‘What should the cat do with the hatchet? ' said the wife. ‘Why, ' replied the Cogia, ‘as he takes a fancy to the liver, which costs two aspres, is it not likely that he will take a fancy to the hatchet, which costs four? ' One day the wife of the Cogia wanted to go to the bath.

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