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Therefore, be careful of consistency at the expense of adaptability, stubbornness at the expense of flexibility. Be consistent only in your desire for truth at all times, but practising it with the least possible harm to others. 9 impossible. ' Even before saying what is involved, the commandment is, 'Let them be gathered together'. Our twentieth-century thinking is quite different. We begin first by listing the things to be united. But the simple act of naming them discourages us from gathering them, and so we abandon our intention altogether.

The water entering through 'his' hole would swamp the whole boat with all its passengers. Unity would be greatly served if Christians realized what obsolete and often petty questions divided them. 30 In 1845, 293 Baptists from the Southern states of the USA severed ties with the Northern Baptists in protest over the Yankees' refusal to allow a slaveholder to become a missionary. Slavery has long since been abolished. But today there are 13 million Southern Baptists who continue to be divided from their brethren.

There are many questions to ponder. We have to confess we know little about God, but knowing he exists frees us. We can resign as general managers of the universe. He has created us and our universe, and even if we don't always feel his presence, we can enjoy what he 36 has given us: air, earth, sky, his creatures. Every ray of sunshine, every wind, every drop of dew, every leaf and flower all speak of him. And so also do love and sorrow, discoveries and failures, agonies and ecstasies, knowledge and the hope to understand later what is obscure for us today.

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