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By Susan Mallery

Dangerous Games

Jamie Sanders was once ultimately turning her again on her mystery lifestyles as a central authority agent to look for who she fairly was once -- as someone, and as a lady. yet first she needed to tackle one ultimate project. She was firm to assist the guy who had made her right into a deadly killing computer -- the guy who had additionally woke up the girl inside her . . .

But as she rescued Zach Jones from his overseas captors and attempted every little thing in her strength to heal the injuries that scarred him, in and out, she needed to settle for what she'd been hiding from for years -- that he used to be what she'd been looking for all along.

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Tell me about it. Try walking anyway. ” They started inching toward the edge of the compound. The men were still stunned and staggering. Jamie kept an eye on them. Dark shapes slipped around, taking care of anyone who regained his senses too quickly. One of their rescuers grabbed Ernesto. She was too far away to hear their conversation, but she knew the man in black was Zach. She watched closely. Then a flicker of movement caught her attention. Something in the brush. A shadow. A glint of a rifle aimed at Zach’s back.

Then he did the strangest thing. He touched her cheek. Just once. His dark gaze met hers. She caught her breath. There was another gunshot. Zach turned away. “Get Rick,” he said, and was gone. By the time she got to Rick, men were spilling out of the large hut. They staggered around, covering their ears and their eyes. The wind carried the scent of tear gas. Sporadic gunfire cut through the night. When Rick was free, she helped him up. Her legs and hands still burned, but it was getting better.

This way, pretty lady. Your boyfriend, too. ” A dozen men broke through the thick green foliage. They were all in camouflage and heavily armed. Some had rifles, and a couple were carrying automatic weapons. Fear exploded in Jamie’s belly. Her heart pounded and her breathing increased. But she refused to let them know she was afraid. The man in the middle, broad and a couple of inches taller than her with a scar on one cheek, approached. He took her pistol and slipped the knife from her utility belt.

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