Trish Morey's Stolen by the Sheikh PDF

By Trish Morey

ISBN-10: 1426801645

ISBN-13: 9781426801648

Booklet One within the prepared Brides Duo, a half sequence the place the necessity to settle ratings supplies upward thrust to a hotbed of revenge, drama and fervour.

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Even with tell-tale smudges of tiredness around her eyes, they shone with life and promise in features arranged perfectly on her face. Her dark-gold hair was swept up into a sleek curve that exposed the smooth sweep of her neck. The face of a model and the body of a goddess. Paolo couldn’t have chosen better. She would do perfectly. ’ she asked as he curved his length into the plush Venetian-style chair opposite her own. ’ He smiled, more to himself than outwardly. ‘You could say that. Your designs are the talk of Milan.

Welcome to Jebbai,’ he said, his mouth curved into what she supposed was intended to pass as a smile. She’d never experienced anything less welcoming, but managed somehow to crack the layer of ice he’d submerged her under enough to dredge up a smile of her own and murmur her thanks before the rest of the party was briefly introduced. Finally a shy-looking young woman was presented to her. ‘This is Azizah,’ Khaled told her as the girl bowed. ’ She smiled again, much more genuinely this time, and took the girl’s hand.

Yet your prose suggests you are very perceptive. You see qualities in the desert that others miss. Tall, dark and dangerous. ‘I really don’t see how this is relevant,’ she murmured on a breath, closing her eyes for a second and wondering if he could have heard her over the hammering in her veins. ’ He raised his eyebrows in a way that suggested he didn’t believe her, but still he shrugged and relaxed his grip on her jaw. ‘As you wish,’ he said. Her chin kicked up in relief, but it was to be short-lived as his large hand didn’t pull completely away but continued to sweep slowly down the line of her throat, searing a trail of scorching sensation.

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