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By Diana Palmer

Bestselling writer Diana Palmer brings a passionate and gentle tale of a smalltown journalist who reveals herself falling in love--against her larger judgment--with a guy whose ardour is the pursuit of an excellent tale. till a sniper's bullet brings him domestic. yet for a way lengthy?

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Now that I know, I'll teach Andy. " His nostrils flared, his hands on her face tightened. "You can't teach passion to a man," he said curtly. " "You know so much about it," she flashed. " he asked, exasperated. " "I live in a small town," she reminded him. "Your aunt, I suppose," he sighed, watching her flush. " She blushed to the roots of her hair. " she growled. "Look at you blush," he laughed softly. " Her eyes fell to his chiseled mouth and she felt herself go trembly. "No, I don't," she muttered.

Do you? " she asked coldly. He cocked his head. " "As it happens, you're absolutely right about McCabe and me," she said, feeling the words burst out of her in indignation and anguish. "We're lovers. I sleep with him every night. html He blanched and his hand lifted. He slapped her with the strength of his arm behind his thin fingers, and she didn't even cry out. Slowly she took the ring from her finger and dropped it on the floorboard. Then she opened the door and got out, leaving him alone in the car.

She lifted her head to protest, but beforc she could get the words out, or he could carry through with what his eyes were threatening, the phone rang again and broke the spell. He let her go reluctantly and went to answer it, and she made a beeline for her bedroom, leaning back exhausted against the door. McCabe was tearing her safe world apart, and she didn't have the faintest idea how to stop him. Chapter Six Eventually Wynn had to come back out, but she went straight to the kitchen to get her sandwiches without glancing at McCabe.

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