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By Fred H. Croom

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This article provides the elemental ideas of topology conscientiously yet now not abstractly. It emphasizes the geometric nature of the topic and the purposes of topological rules to geometry and mathematical research.

The ordinary issues of point-set topology, together with metric areas, normal topological areas, continuity, topological equivalence, foundation, sub-basis, connectedness , compactness, separation houses, metrization, subspaces, product areas, and quotient areas are taken care of during this textual content.

Most of the actual information regarding topology offered during this textual content is acknowledged within the theorems and illustrated within the accompanying examples, figures and workouts. This ebook includes many workouts of various levels of trouble. The notation utilized in this article is fairly ordinary; a listing of symbols with definitions seems to be at the entrance end-sheets.

This textual content is designed for a one-semester creation to topology on the undergraduate and starting graduate degrees. it really is obtainable to junior arithmetic majors who've studied multivariable calculus.

A short precis of a modest volume of prerequisite fabric on units and services required for the rest of the course.
Topological innovations within the primary environment of the true line and Euclidean plane.
Euclidean areas and Hilbert area, geometric functions are emphasized


CHAPTER 1. creation
CHAPTER 2. the road AND THE aircraft
CHAPTER three. METRIC areas
CHAPTER nine. the elemental staff
APPENDIX: advent to teams

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Definition: Let denote an equivalence relation on X. For x E X, the set [xJ of all elements of X to which x is related by is called the equivalence class of x: [x] = (y E X: y x). Proofs to establish the following properties of equivalence classes are left as exercises: (a) xE[xjforeachxEX. 7 / Equivalence Relations 27 (b) x (c) x y if and only if [x] = [y]. y if and only if [x] fl [y] = 0. (d) For x, y in X, [xl and [y] are either identical or disjoint. 3 (a) Congruence modulo 5, denoted mod 5, is the relation on Z defined as follows: x — y mod 5 means that x — y is divisible by 5.

Determine whether the following relations satisfy the reflexive, symmetric, or transitive properties: 3. (a) > on the set P of real numbers, (b) onP, (c) defined on Z byx yifand only ifx — yis odd, (d) defined on Z by x y if and only if x is a divisor of y. Letf: X Y be a function, and define a relation iff(x) = 1(y). on X as follows: x (a) Prove that (b) Prove that the equivalence class [x] is the set of preimages off(x): is an equivalence relation. (x] =f'({f(x)}). y if and only 28 ONE / INTRODUCTION 4.

C) The following theorem explains the relationship between closed sets and limit points. 10: A subset A of P is dosed if and only if A contains all its limit points. Proof: 'Suppose first that A is dosed and consider a limit point x of A. If x were outside A, then P\A would be an open set containing x but containing no point of A, and we would be forced to condude that x is not a limit point of A. Thus, if x is a limit point of A, then it must be a member of A. Now suppose that A contains all its limit points.

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