New PDF release: Perfluorinated Ionomer Membranes

By Adi Eisenberg, Howard L. Yeager

ISBN-10: 0841206988

ISBN-13: 9780841206984

ISBN-10: 0841208735

ISBN-13: 9780841208735

content material: Thermodynamic reports of the water-perfluorosulfonated polymer interactions : experimental effects / M. Escoubes and M. Pineri --
Cation alternate selectivity of a perfluorosulfonate polymer / Howard L. Yeager --
delivery homes of perfluorosulfonate polymer membranes / Howard L. Yeager --
Solubility parameter of perfluorosulfonated polymer / Richard S. Yeo --
Mechanical relaxations in perfluorosulfonate ionomer membranes / Thein Kyu and Adi Eisenberg --
Nuclear magnetic resonance stories and the speculation of ion pairing in perfluorosulfonate ionomers / R.A. Komoroski and K.A. Mauritz --
Infrared spectra of perfluorosulfonated polymer and of water in perfluorosulfonated polymer / Michael Falk --
Mössbauer spectroscopy of perfluorosulfonated polymer membranes : constitution of the ionic part / B. Rodmacq, J.M.D. Coey, and M. Pineri --
Morphology of perfluorosulfonated membrane items : wide-angle and small-angle X-ray stories / T.D. Gierke, G.E. Munn, and F.C. Wilson --
constitution of sulfonated and carboxylated perfluorinated ionomer membranes : small-angle and wide-angle X-ray scattering and lightweight scattering / Takeji Hashimoto, Mineo Fujimura, and Hiromichi Kawai --
Neutron reviews of perfluorosulfonated polymer buildings / M. Pineri, R. Duplessix, and F. Volino --
The cluster-network version of ion clustering in perfluorosulfonated membranes / T.D. Gierke and W.Y. Hsu --
Electrosynthesis with perfluorinated ionomer membranes in chlor-alkali cells / Ronald L. Dotson and Kenneth E. Woodard --
Perfluorocarboxylic acid membrane and membrane chlor-alkali method constructed by means of Asahi Chemical / Maomi Seko, Shinsaku Ogawa, and Kyoji Kimoto --
Perfluorinated ion alternate membranes / Toshikatsu Sata and Yasuharu Onoue --
Perfluorocarboxylate polymer membranes / Hiroshi Ukihashi and Masaaki Yamabe --
functions of perfluorosulfonated polymer membranes in gasoline cells, electrolyzers, and cargo leveling units / Richard S. Yeo --
common purposes of perfluorinated ionomer membranes / Brian Kipling.

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R e s u l t s a r e shown i n F i g u r e s 4 and 5. 0 mL m i n was u s e d h e r e , u s i n g i n c r e a s i n g c o n c e n t r a t i o n s o f HC1 t o e f f e c t t h e s e p a r a t i o n . Figure 4 demonstrates t h a t the r e s o l u t i o n of a l k a l i m e t a l i o n s i s e a s i l y a c c o m p l i s h e d , e v e n w i t h a r a t h e r i n e f f i c i e n t column made up o f i r r e g u l a r l y shaped p a r t i c l e s o f s t a t i o n a r y phase. H i g h e r f l o w r a t e s g e n e r a t e d a s y m m e t r i c p e a k s and r e d u c e d s e p a r a t i o n .

Under these conditions, ion-containing polymers exhibit Donnan exclusion of anions, which prevents sorption of electrolytes from the solution (3). Only the cationic exchange counterions are then present in the membrane phase, which helps to simplify the interpretation of the material's transport properties. Experiments performed in concentrated solutions and at elevated temperatures are also necessary, because most applications of ion exchange membranes involve such conditions. 75 / 0 © 1982 American Chemical Society 42 PERFLUORINATED IONOMER MEMBRANES s p e c i e s a c r o s s t h e membrane.

F o r 1200 EW N a f i o n , t h e s o d i u m i o n r e s u l t i s ( c o i n c i d e n t a l l y ) i d e n t i c a l t o t h a t i n t h e s u l f o n a t e r e s i n , b u t t h e c e s i u m i o n v a l u e i s much lower, w i t h an extremely l a r g e a c t i v a t i o n energy o f d i f f u s i o n . This C s a c t i v a t i o n energy i s c l o s e r t o t h a t o f N a d i f f u s i o n i n N a C l c r y s t a l a t a b o u t 600°C, 74 k J m o l ( 8 ) , than a value f o r a s o l u t i o n - l i k e d i f f u s i o n a l process.

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