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By Linda Howard

ISBN-10: 1551661535

ISBN-13: 9781551661537

Taken captive in the midst of a conspiracy of foreign proportions, prosperous socialite Jane Hamilton Greer reveals desire in govt agent provide Sullivan, who unearths his venture advanced via his emotions for Jane. Reissue.

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He reached the bank and turned to look at her. " he snapped, so Jane waded toward him, still keeping her arms over her breasts. "Don't bother," he advised in a curt voice. "I've already seen, and touched. " He gestured to her blouse lying on the ground. " Jane looked at the blood-stained blouse, and she went a little pale again, but she was under control now. "Yes, I will," she said in a low voice. " He snorted, but climbed up the bank and tossed her pants and boots down to her. Keeping her back turned to him, Jane pulled on her pants, shuddering at the blood that stained them, too, but at least they weren't soaked the way her blouse was.

Impatiently, Grant shook her again. " She rolled over on her stomach and sighed deeply, burrowing her head against her folded arm as she sought a more comfortable position. "Come on, we've got to get going," he said, shaking her more vigorously. " She aimed a drowsy swat at him, as if he were a pesky fly, brushing his hand aside. Exasperated, Grant caught her shoulders and pulled her to a sitting position, shaking her once again. "Damn it, would you get up? " Her eyes finally opened, and she blinked at him groggily, but she made no move to get up.

When the tent was up he began stripping vines and limbs from the nearby trees to cover it, making it virtually invisible. He hadn't so much as glanced in her direction, but after a moment she moved to help him. He did look at her then, and allowed her to gather more limbs while he positioned them over the tent. When the job was completed, he said, "We can't risk a fire, so we'll just eat and turn in. " Jane was, too, but she dreaded the thought of the night to come. The light was rapidly fading, and she knew that it would soon be completely dark.

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