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J Cell Biol 1966;28:355–373. Dorn A, Stoffel R, Matile H, Bubendorf A, Ridley RG: Malaria haemozoin/beta-haematin supports haem polymerization in the absence of protein. Nature (Lond) 1995;374:269–271. Rosenthal PJ, Meshnick SR: Hemoglobin processing and the metabolism of amino acids, heme, and iron; in Sherman IW (ed): Malaria: Parasite Biology, Pathogenesis, and Protection. Washington, ASM Press, 1998, pp 145–158. Scheibel LW: Plasmodium metabolism and related organellar function during various stages of the life-cycle: Carbohydrates; in Wernsdorfer WH, McGregor I (eds): Malaria.

Biology of Malaria Development within and beyond the Midgut Epithelium The ookinete, having penetrated the PTM (which in some species is chitin-rich), crosses a protease-rich space and contacts the microvillar surface of the midgut wall. Initial contact has been described as being with a fibrous network which overlays the microvillar surface of the midgut epithelium [44]. Recognition of the midgut surface may involve mucin [45]. As yet no parasite receptors have been characterised for any mosquito ligand on the midgut surface.

The emergent female cell is now the macrogamete. The male additionally undergoes exflagellation (microgametogenesis) leading to the simultaneous assembly of 8 flagella. Exflagellation is achieved routinely within 15 min and involves activation of multiple replication forks on each of the 14 chromosomes to achieve the high rates of DNA replication required [24], rapid assembly of the flagella and the formation of 8 haploid genomes. Following the third mitosis the 8 microgametes rapidly emerge from the cell surface.

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