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By Susan Andersen

ISBN-10: 0778320219

ISBN-13: 9780778320210

Whilst Victoria Hamilton's holiday fling led to a toddler, she started a brand new lifestyles faraway from her overbearing relatives. Now Tori's father has been murdered—and her part brother, Jared, wishes her aid to turn out his innocence. yet confronting her prior whilst she comes face-to-face with inner most investigator John "Rocket" Miglionni certain isn't really what she had in mind.Thrilled to discover the girl who as soon as rocked his international, John takes one examine her little lady and will get the surprise of his lifestyles. Now the rugged former Marine has women maintaining an enormous piece of his middle, a youngster who expects the worst in life…and a moment probability to make it correct for them all.

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I'm tidy, Mummy," she said impatiently. "When's Rebecca gonna be here? " Victoria struggled to keep her amusement to herself. She heard footsteps coming up the steps of the portico and patted Esme's arm. "There. " Instead of the expected knock, however, the big mahogany door simply opened, bringing a wash of sunlight into the house. Then the door clicked closed and there stood John. A fierce scowl marred his brow, but the instant he saw Tori and Esme in the foyer, it disappeared. His eyes were slow to lose their storminess and remained watchful, but the glower was immediately replaced by a courteous curve of his lips.

Believe it or not. though, [ actually did have something to tel! " He didn't plan the grin he flashed her; as with damn near every other time he'd ever been in her company, she drew a reaction from him that was purely spontaneous. "Man, Tori. Id forgotten how pretty your legs are. " He couldn't stop himself from giving them a final onceover before he made a conscious effort to look elsewhere. No sense giving her any more opportunities to accuse him of sexual harassment. He glanced past her into the depths of the big open room.

He'd never realized it before, but if she ever got enough to eat and wasn't wracked by the worry that was part and parcel of being homeless, she'd probably be pretty—or at least she'd have the potential to be when she was a little older. " Rolling his shoulders, he cleared his throat. " But her obvious pleasure in his offer made her smile grow even wider. " He tried not to cringe. She'd attempted calling collect the other day and her mother had refused to accept the charges—she'd just flat-out said "no" and hung up.

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