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Brody waited until the door closed behind them, then came to stand beside Liam's bed. " Liam eased back into his nest of pillows, his eyes never leaving Brody's face. "I remember the ambulance ride, but not much else. " Brody grabbed the chair Edward had vacated earlier and scooted it as close to the bed as it would go, then plopped into it. "I wanted to talk, you know? " Liam closed his eyes. He didn't want to see Brody's regret. Brody surprised him by reaching for his hand. " Brody rubbed the pad of his thumb back and forth over Liam's palm.

Yeah. " The question pissed the singer off. Liam could see it in the set of Brody's jaw and the line of his shoulders. " He shoved his way past Liam and boarded the plane. Liam rubbed a hand over his sour stomach and then followed Brody up the steps. **** The next week and a half were a blur. Reporters called Liam day and night. Robin, Gunner, and Marco began campaigns with both the media and their lawyers. Liz 30 Heart Song by Sara Bell scheduled auditions to replace the three of them, while Liam and Joey worked on the music for the Christmas benefit.

Brody stood Liam by the side of the car, smacking at his hand when Liam tried to reach for one of his bags. "Don't even think about it. " Liam waggled his brows. " "Shh," but Brody was laughing when he said it. " Brody came in a little closer. " He titled his head and brought his mouth down on Liam's. Brody tasted of the mint gum he'd been chewing all morning, and of coffee. It was a sweet, spicy taste that went straight to Liam's head. Brody slid his tongue against Liam's, and that's when Liam's cock decided to wake up.

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