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viii homology teams. A weaker outcome, enough however for our reasons, is proved in bankruptcy five, the place the reader also will locate a few dialogue of the necessity for a extra robust in­ variance theorem and a precis of the facts of the sort of theorem. Secondly the emphasis during this booklet is on low-dimensional examples the graphs and surfaces of the identify because it is there that geometrical instinct has its roots. The objective of the ebook is the research in bankruptcy nine of the homes of graphs in surfaces; a few of the difficulties studied there are pointed out in short within the advent, which incorporates an in­ formal survey of the cloth of the ebook. some of the result of bankruptcy nine do certainly generalize to raised dimensions (and the final equipment of simplicial homology idea is avai1able from prior chapters) yet i've got restricted myself to at least one instance, specifically the concept that non-orientable closed surfaces don't embed in third-dimensional house. one of many significant result of bankruptcy nine, a model of Lefschetz duality, definitely generalizes, yet for an efficient presentation the sort of gener- ization wishes cohomology thought. except a short point out in connexion with Kirchhoff's legislation for an electric community i don't use any cohomology the following. Thirdly there are many digressions, whose function is very to light up the primary argument from a moderate dis­ tance, than to give a contribution materially to its exposition.

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Also G is not planar. G is a connected bipar- satisfying peG) ~ 1, then Find a bipartite graph which is not planar. Gi ven a graph G we can "subdivide" it by adding extra vertices at interior points of edges; this automatically increases the number of edges by the same amount, thus leaving peG) unchanged. 32 does not show no longer true that 3aO - a 1 < 6. that the subdivided graph is non-planar. 32 is; all the same it is a priori conceivable that by adding enough extra vertices on the edges of a non-planar graph we could make it planar this is rather like trying to draw it in the plane with curved edges, since these could be approximated by broken lines.

G) - p. this and (1) and (2) we can deduce (4). D. (1) Removing jJ. edges at random may not Remarks However leave a connected graph, hence certainly not a tree. ~ if it does leave a connected graph then this must be a maximal 25 GRAPHS tree: it will contain all the vertices and have cyclomatic number JJ - JJ ~(2) Let O. G be a connected graph with G has exactly one loop. since (Proof: JJ(G) = 1. G has at least one loop If there are two loops let JJ(G) > O. of one loop not in the other. Then Removing e be an edge e from Gleaves G connected, and still containing a loop, but it also lowers JJ by one to zero.

Adding vi and e i to T we obtain say T' , i a larger sub graph of G cannot be part of any loop on Furthermore, e than T. i T' since one of its end-points, v does not belong to any edge of T' i other than e. Thus T' is a tree and T is not maximal. Suppose conversely that T is a subgraph of is a tree and contains all the vertices of H is a subgraph of Since G with e = (vw) say, in H but not in T. 9 (3»; adding H. Hence e H. G there must be connected there is a simple path on T from loop in Suppose that T a proper subgraph of T already has all the vertices of an edge, G.

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