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By Shiloh Walker

ISBN-10: 141990826X

ISBN-13: 9781419908262

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It wasn’t that he was holding her too tightly, though he did have a good, firm grip on her neck. She just couldn’t pull away. It felt as though there 33 Shiloh Walker was something magnetic between them, pulling her closer and closer…and closer. Lori felt the warmth of his body against hers and realized she had slid off the stool and was pressed against him. Damn it. Why in the hell was he doing this to her? And why now? Mike was one of her best friends, they’d been friends for a long time. Granted, she couldn’t say that she hadn’t ever noticed him before on that level.

And damn him, if he hadn’t put his hands on her, she might have been able to continue never wanting more. Lori turned away from him, sliding through the crowd and climbing the stairs to the second level. The dance floor there was smaller but suddenly Lori wasn’t interested in dancing. What interested her was downstairs, staring at the dancers with moody eyes. But Lori was going to settle for a drink, or five. Whatever it took to forget how good his hands felt on her. And to forget how certain he was that he knew what she needed.

He spoke—people listened. It was just part of who he was. And that was the only reason she kept dwelling on what he’d said. This isn’t what you want… He was wrong. Mike didn’t know a damn thing about what she wanted. How could he? He’s only been one of your best friends for years…maybe that’s how? Lori scowled. She’d been talking to herself all damn day and it looked like part of her was losing the argument. Mike did know her. Did that mean that maybe she was just out looking for excitement and after it was over, she’d regret it?

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