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By Shigeyuki Morita

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Attribute sessions are relevant to the trendy research of the topology and geometry of manifolds. They have been first brought in topology, the place, for example, they can be used to outline obstructions to the lifestyles of definite fiber bundles. attribute sessions have been later outlined (via the Chern-Weil thought) utilizing connections on vector bundles, hence revealing their geometric aspect. within the overdue Sixties new theories arose that defined nonetheless finer buildings. Examples of the so-called secondary attribute periods got here from Chern-Simons invariants, Gelfand-Fuks cohomology, and the attribute periods of flat bundles. the hot thoughts are rather valuable for the examine of fiber bundles whose constitution teams are usually not finite dimensional. the speculation of attribute sessions of floor bundles might be the main built. the following the distinct geometry of surfaces permits one to attach this concept to the idea of moduli area of Riemann surfaces, i.e., Teichmuller concept. during this publication Morita provides an advent to the fashionable theories of attribute sessions.

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U) + ... }. ,H)(t) + possible more terms. Now the irreducibility of Ij; (cf. 3'), § 1-C, Ch. I) implies that 1= = fG x",(g)· x",(g)dg = -1fT Ix",(t)Q(t)1 2 dt = -1 ! ,H)(t) + '''IIL2(T) 1f 2 =-\m(A",) ·W+"· } w ~m(A",) 2 2 IIx",(t)· Q(t)IIL2(T) (by Schur orthogonality) . ,H)(t) which is exactly the Weyl character formula. Since the character is a complete invariant and the above Weyl character formula gives an explicit expression of X",(t) in turms of the highest weight A"" it is obvious that Ij; ~

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