Fundamentals of Hyperbolic Manifolds: Selected Expositions: - download pdf or read online

By R. D. Canary, A. Marden, D. B. A. Epstein

ISBN-10: 0521615585

ISBN-13: 9780521615587

This booklet comprises reissued articles from vintage resources on hyperbolic manifolds. half I is an exposition of a few of Thurston's pioneering Princeton Notes, with a brand new creation describing fresh advances, together with an updated bibliography. half II expounds the speculation of convex hull obstacles: a brand new appendix describes contemporary paintings. half III is Thurston's recognized paper on earthquakes in hyperbolic geometry. the ultimate half introduces the speculation of measures at the restrict set. Graduate scholars and researchers will welcome this rigorous advent to the fashionable thought of hyperbolic manifolds.

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We want more. This will require another modi cation to the existence and uniqueness theorems above. 2. The last modi cation is far from minor. We introduce a new concept to discuss it. Let : J ! M , be a curve where J is an open interval in R . Assume for the moment that is one to one. We can talk about a ow that is de ned along the 34 image of the curve. The ow will involve a motion of the points on the image of the curve. If x = (t0 ) then we can de ne t (x) = (t0 + t). Note that 0 (x) = x . We can think of t as a function that pushes points t units along the curve with t measured in the domain of .

There is an argument that shows that the embedding can take place in R2m+1 . A much more di cult argument shows that the embedding can take place in R2m . 48 Now for the second example. Let M and N be C r manifolds and let C be a closed set in M . Let f : C ! N be a function. We say that f is C r if for every x in C , there is an open set U in M about x and a C r function fU : U ! N so that f jU \C = fU jU \C . 12. A function f : C ! Rn where C is a closed subset of a C r manifold M is C r if and only if there is an open set U in M about C and a C r function fU : U !

The center line L of the Mobius band M does not separate any neighborhood of itself in M . ) For L to be the inverse image of a regular value, there has to be a submersion to a manifold of dimension 1. But every point in a manifold of dimension 1 separates 42 some neighborhood of itself. Exercise: the centerline L of the Mobius band M is the inverse image of a critical value of a function f : M ! ] It should be noted that there is nothing in the de nition of a submanifold that requires it be a closed subset of the manifold that contains it.

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