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Precision, etc. should be noted. Geological Survey of Finland, Guide 47 Reijo Salminen, Timo Tarvainen and others 5. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FOREGS GEOCHEMICAL SAMPLING AND IGCP 259 RECOMMENDATIONS Upper horizon of overbank sediments, which is one of the mandatory sample types of the Global Reference Network, will not be sampled during this FOREGS sampling project. However, each country can choose to collect upper horizon samples of overbank sediments as well as deep layers of floodplain sediments and overbank sediments, which are optional materials in the Global Reference Network.

1996. Forum of European Geological Surveys (FOREGS) Geochemistry Task Group 1994-1996 Report. British Geological Survey (BGS) Technical Report WP/95/14. 52 pp. ISO 5667-12:1995. Water quality - Sampling - Part 12: Guidance on sampling of bottom sediments. , Vrana, K. & Fordyce, F. 1997. The Forum of European Geological Surveys Geochemistry Task Group inventory 1994-1996. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 59, 123-146. Lide, D. R. ) 1991. , Boston, 815. N. 1969. Physical Geography. 3rd edition. New York - London: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

2 Sample preparation equipment and methods The sample preparation undertaken by LAB I will be carried out using the equipment listed below and following the procedures illustrated by the flow sheets Figs. 13 to15. 3 Sample preparation procedures The sample preparation procedure for dry sieved stream sediment samples is presented in Fig. 13. The preparation procedures for floodplain sediment and soil samples are presented in Figures 14 and 15, respectively. 063 mm sieve Packing sample PE bottle Packing sample PE bottle Sending to Lab II for XRF analysis Sending to Lab V for ICP-MS analysis Packing sample PE bottle stored in Lab I Fig.

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FOREGS geochemical mapping field manual by R. Salminen ....

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