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By John L. Hudson and Gary T. Rochelle (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841207224

ISBN-13: 9780841207226

ISBN-10: 0841208816

ISBN-13: 9780841208810

content material: Thermodynamic values for desulfurization tactics / Leo Brewer --
trustworthy facts for flue fuel desulfurization procedures / Bert R. Staples --
Use of Pitzer's equations to estimate strong-electrolyte job coefficients in aqueous flue fuel desulfurization procedures / Gerd M. Rosenblatt --
Limestone dissolution : results of pH, CO₂, and buffers modeled through mass move / Pui okay. Chan and Gary T. Rochelle --
experiences of the most important elements affecting magnesium limestone dissolution / Frank B. Meserole, Robert L. Glover, and Dorothy A. Stewart --
Thermal decomposition of sulfite, bisulfite, and disulfite recommendations / B. Meyer, M. Rigdon, T. Burner, M. Ospina, ok. Ward, and ok. Koshlap --
Kinetics of reactions in a rainy flue gasoline simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification procedure / S.G. Chang, D. Littlejohn, and N.H. Lin --
Kinetics of the oxidation of bisulfite ion through oxygen / Thomas G. Braga and Robert E. Connick --
Sulfite oxidation in natural acid ideas / D.B. Nurmi, J.W. Overman, J. Erwin, and J.L. Hudson --
A version of oxidation in calcium sulfite slurries / J. Erwin, C.C. Wang, and J.L. Hudson --
Laboratory research of adipic acid degradation in flue gasoline desulfurization scrubbers / J.C. Terry, J.B. Jarvis, D.L. Utley, and E.E. Ellsworth --
Buffer ingredients for lime/limestone slurry scrubbing / Gary T. Rochelle, William T. Weems, Raymond J. Smith, and Mary W. Hsiang --
Adipic acid-enhanced lime/limestone attempt effects on the EPA alkali scrubbing try facility / Shih-Chung Wang and Dewey A. Burbank --
strength requisites for therefore₂ absorption in limestone scrubbers / Robert H. Borgwardt --
The limestone twin alkali method for flue gasoline desulfurization / Jaime A. Valencia --
regulate of SO₂ emissions by means of dry sorbent injection / James T. Yeh, Richard J. Demski, and James I. Joubert --
Characterization of risky natural parts of nahcolite and trona / Bruce W. Farnum, Ronald C. Timpe, and Sylvia A. Farnum --
Conceptual layout and economics of a better magnesium oxide flue fuel desulfurization strategy / T.A. Burnett and W.L. Wells.

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