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By Jens Kuhn, Charles H. Calisher

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This is the 1st entire assessment of the realm literature on filovirus examine and gives the main broad bibliography of the topic but released. there's certain emphasis on overseas literature that hasn't ever been summarized. each point of filovirus examine, together with their historical past, epidemiology, medical photo, pathology, molecular biology, and political elements are reviewed in detail.

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Army, ‘‘biosurety,’’ refers to the integration of personnel security measures, biosafety and biosecurity. Although a thorough discussion of matters associated with biosecurity is far beyond the scope of this review, it is important to note that several hemorrhagic fever viruses are considered to be potential threats if weaponized by nations (biowarfare), terrorists (bioterrorism), or individuals (biocrimes). To Introduction 51 be considered a potential threat, a virus should be relatively stable in aerosols and transmissible by this route.

K. S. World Health Organization (WHO) Biosafety Level (BSL-)4 [238] Maximum Containment – Biosafety Level 4 [238, 2873] Nairovirus Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) Bunyaviridae Hantavirus All hantaviruses3 Sabia´ virus Sabia´ virus (SABV) Machupo virus Machupo virus (MACV) Lassa virus Lassa virus (LASV) Tripartite (À)ssRNA Bipartite ambisense ssRNA Arenaviridae Arenavirus2 Guanarito virus Guanarito virus (GTOV) Junı´n virus Junı´n virus (JUNV) Genome Family Genus Species Virus(es) Table 4-9.

Gene=Sequence (GenBank accession number) GP (U28006), partial L (DQ978379) None GP (AF034645), genome: AF522874, AY769362, NC_004161 None GP (U23416) Complete genomic sequence determined No No Yes (IC1), (CI-94) ote d’Ivoire (CIEBOV-CI)1 C^ 28H (REBOV-28H) Pennsylvania (REBOV-Pennsylvania) Philippines (REBOV-Phi)2 Philippines1992 (REBOV-Philippines1992) Philippines1996 (REBOV-Philippines1996) Siena (REBOV-Sie) Texas (REBOV-Tex) Boniface (SEBOV-Bon) Gulu (SEBOV-Gul) CIEBOV REBOV Listed in the 8th ICTV Report Yes No No Outdated isolate designation(s) (abbreviation) Current isolate designation (abbreviation) Virus Table 4-5.

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