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The ideology of the speculation of fewnomials is the subsequent: actual kinds outlined by way of ``simple,'' no longer bulky, platforms of equations must have a ``simple'' topology. one of many result of the idea is a true transcendental analogue of the Bezout theorem: for a wide category of platforms of $k$ transcendental equations in $k$ genuine variables, the variety of roots is finite and will be explicitly predicted from above through the ``complexity'' of the procedure. A extra basic result's the development of a class of genuine transcendental manifolds that resemble algebraic kinds of their houses. those effects provide new details on point units of straight forward features or even on algebraic equations. The topology of geometric items given through algebraic equations (real-algebraic curves, surfaces, singularities, etc.) quick turns into extra advanced because the measure of the equations raises. It seems that the complexity of the topology relies no longer at the measure of the equations yet in simple terms at the variety of monomials showing in them. This e-book offers a few theorems estimating the complexity of the topology of geometric items through the cumbersomeness of the defining equations. additionally, the writer offers a model of the speculation of fewnomials in line with the version of a dynamical procedure within the airplane. Pfaff equations and Pfaff manifolds also are studied.

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A more general corol- lary is the explicit estimate of the common number of zeroes of k polynomials on a k-dimensional separating solution of a system in R"-k of = a"_k = 0 , where all forms al , ... , a"_k n - k Pfaff equations al = have polynomial coefficients (cf. Corollary 4). , polynomials in the coordinate functions x = xl , ... , x" and functions of the form exp(b1, x), sin(cE , X), cos(c, , x) in the region of R" bounded by the inequalities 1(c,, x)l < it. 13 to prove the uniform distribution of the arguments of the complex roots of a polynomial system of equations in which the polynomials have large Newton polyhedra but have a small number of monomials.

For example, in this chapter, "function" should be understood as "infinitely differentiable function". etc. 1. Coorlentation and linking index In this section we recall the definitions and basic properties of the coorientation and linking index. The coorientation of a linear subspace Lk of codimension k in a linear space L is an orientation of the k-dimensional quotient space L/Lk . A coorientation of Lk may be given by fixing a k-form in L that is the product of k independent vectors orthogonal to Lk .

For a P-system with Pchain of length 0 Theorem I follows from Bezout's theorem. Consider the P-system Q, = . = Q" = 0 in R" with P-chain of length k and the equivalent system of equations F, = ... = F" = G = 0 in R"+' with coordinates (XI , ... , x" , v) = (x, v) , where Fj is the function whose value at (x, v) is equal to the value of Q,(x, U1, ... , uk) at (x, u, = fi(x), ... , uk_I = fk_I(x), uk = v) and G(x, v) = fk(x) - v. It follows from the definition of a P-chain that all partial derivatives of the functions Fj and G can be expressed polynomially via the coordinate functions x, v and the functions f in the P-chain.

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