Download PDF by Ibrahim K. Sundiata: Equatorial Guinea: Colonialism, State Terror, and the Search

By Ibrahim K. Sundiata

ISBN-10: 0813304296

ISBN-13: 9780813304298

The afflicted heritage of Equatorial Guinea displays, in lots of methods, the historical past of alternative constructing international locations. one of the most up-to-date of postcolonial countries, Equatorial Guinea has suffered political instability and the ensuing fiscal dislocation. The state-sponsored terror lower than the regime of first president Francisco Macias Nguema pressured many to escape, leaving the economic climate, lengthy depending on the cocoa plantation method, in shambles. Dr. Sundiata strains the state's afflicted direction from colonialism to independence, emphasizing the hindrances that separate Equatorial Guinea from whole self-sufficiency.

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