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By Dietmar Schomburg, Margit Salzmann (auth.)

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Enzymes are utilized in natural synthesis and in analytical chemistry, in commercial construction techniques of prescribed drugs and in meals processing. discovering an appropriate enzyme for a wanted transformation or with a de- fined specificity isn't really continuously a simple activity. greater than 3000 enzymes are good defined up to now. The Enzyme Handbook offers the entire info for choosing the right kind enzyme to accomplish outlined modifications in a given atmosphere. The Enzyme Handbook devotes a variable variety of pages for every enzyme, counting on the quantity of knowledge on hand with the EC quantity as ordering criterion inside of a quantity. Revised facts sheets may be published for person enzymes and newly characterised enzymes they usually can simply be taken care of into the binders on the applicable position. every one info sheet is split into 7 sections: - Nomenclature (EC quantity, Systematic identify, Recom- mended identify, Synonyms, CAS Reg. No.) - Reaction and specificity (Catalysed response, response style, ordinary substrates, Substrate spectrum, Product spectrum, Inhibitors, Cofactors/prosthetic teams, steel compounds/salts, Turnover quantity, particular task, KM-value, pH-optimum, pH-range, Tem- perature optimal, Temperature diversity) - Enzyme structure (Molecular weight, Subunits, Glyco-/Lipoprotein) - Isolation/Preparation (Source organism, resource tissue, Localisation in resource, Purification, Crystallization, Cloned, Renatured) - Stability (pH, Temperature, Oxidation, natural sol- vent, basic balance info, garage) - Cross-References (to constitution facts Banks) - Literature references

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Biochim. Biophys. : Eur. J. : Biochim. Biophys. : J. Bio I. : Biochim. Biophys. : J. Bio I. : Agric. Bio I. : Biochim. Biophys. 3 Systematic name Alpha-aminoacyl-peptide hydrolase Recommended name Cystyl-aminopeptidase Synonymes Aminopeptidase, cystyl Cysteine aminopeptidase L-Cystine aminopeptidase Oxytocin peptidase Oxytocinase Cystine aminopeptidase Cystyl aminopeptidase Vasopresssinase CASReg. No. : L-cystine-di-p-nitroanilide [1], L-leucine-p-nitroanilide [1, 2, 8], L-benzyi-L-cysteine-p-nitroanilide [1-4], 8-benzyi-L-cysteine-p-nitroanilide [8, 9]) [1-4, 8, 9] 5 Alpha-L-Asp-1-Val-5-angiotensin II + H2 0 (transformation to beta form) [10] 6 8-Benzyl-cysteine-methylcoumarinamide + H20 [16] 7 More (broad specificity [1 0, 16]: hydrolyses neutral, aromatic, basic and acidic N-terminal amino acids from peptides [1 0], not: L-Asp-beta-naphthylamide, L-Giu-beta-naphthylamide [5], glycyl-p-nitroanilide [6], 8-benzyi-Cys-Pro-Leu-Giy(NH 2 ) [11], beta-L-Asp-1-Val-5-angiotensin II [1 0], N-terminal aspartic acid bound via its beta-carboxyl group in a peptide bond [1 0, 12], peptides having proline as the second amino acid residue [1 0-12]) [5, 6, 10-12] Product spectrum 1 Acyclic peptide (tyrosyl-isoleucyl-glutaminyl-asparaginyi-S-(S-cysteine)cysteinyl-prolyl-le ucyl-glycinamide, first product) [14] 2 Hydrolyzed vasopressin 3 Aminoacid + beta-naphthylamine 4 Aminoacid + p-nitroaniline 5 Beta-Asp-1-Val-5-angiotensin II [1 0] 6 S-Benzylcysteine + methylcoumarin 7 ?

Physiol. 1 (formerly) CASReg. No. g. g. g. o-, m- or p-aminobenzenesulfonic acid, oor m-anisidine, m- or p-aminobenzenesulfonylfluoride [15], Leu substituted by Ala, Gly, Lys [1]) [1, 2, 6, 9, 15] 4 L-Leucinhydrazide + H20 [2] 5 Leu-7-amido-4-methylcoumarin + H2 0 (Leu replaced by Arg [1], Leu replaced by Met [3]) [1, 3] 6 Leu-2-naphthylamide + H2 0 (Leu replaced by Met, Phe [7]) [5, 7] 7 Ala-Thr-Aia + H2 0 (best substrate for yeast aminopeptidase I) [26] 8 L-Leu-benzyl ester + H2 0 [32] 9 Benzyi-L-cysteinamide + H2 0 [35] 10 More (use in sequence determination [30, 32], no hydro Iysis of Xaa-Pro band [32], esterase activity [25, 33], transferase activity [25]) Product spectrum 1 Aminoacid + NH 3 2 Aminoacid + peptide 3 L-Leucine + p-nitroaniline 4 L-Leucine + H2 NNH 2 5 Leueine + 7-amido-4-methylcoumarin 6 Leueine + 2-naphthylamine 7 Alanine + Thr-Aia [26] 8 ?

Biol. : Arch. Biochem. : Eur. J. : Arch. Biochem. -Biol. : Anal. : J. : Eur. J. : Eur. J. : J. Biol. C. 37 (formerly) CASReg. No. 37290-73-6 2 REACTION AND SPECIFICITY Catalysed reaction Trans-2, 3-epoxysuccinate -+ meso-tartrate + H20-+ Reaction type Ether hydro Iysis Naturalsubstrates Trans-2, 3-epoxysuccinate + H2 0 (carbon source) [1] Substrate spectrum 1 Trans-2, 3-epoxysuccinate + H2 0 (0- and L-trans-2, 3-epoxysuccinate) [1] 2 More (acts on both optical isomers of substrate, not: cis-epoxysuccinate) [1] Product spectrum 1 Meso-tartrate 2 ?

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