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This ebook examines environmental policy-making via study into contributors' response to environmental matters. it's always assumed that individuals are reluctant to give a contribution to environmental safeguard, simply because they don't see it as of their pursuits. The authors argue that self-interest is only one of a couple of explanations which impact people's offerings, and that voluntary environmental polices are hence likely to prevail than will be anticipated. They base their arguments on distinct surveys of public opinion.

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Environmental Dilemmas and Policy Design by Huib Pellikaan PDF

This booklet examines environmental policy-making via examine into participants' response to environmental matters. it is usually assumed that folks are reluctant to give a contribution to environmental defense, simply because they don't see it as of their pursuits. The authors argue that self-interest is only one of a few causes which have an effect on people's offerings, and that voluntary environmental polices are hence prone to prevail than may be anticipated.

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Thus, our main reason for focusing on the Dutch case of environmental policymaking is its attempt at bringing a public ethos to bear on personal behaviour with regard to the environment. Our method of survey research is well-suited to assess the possible impact of these policies of moral persuasion, as part III of this book will show. We do not want to claim that the integrated planning model of the Netherlands is easily exportable to other national policy cultures; but we think that the avowed purpose of the self-regulation approach to implicate citizens in a shared project of environmental protection is of sufficient general interest to be considered on its merits.

3 Several referents of the term can be distinguished: ecological self-regulation (the capacity of a biophysical system to self-adjust), economic self-regulation (the spontaneous adjustment of utility or profit-maximizing agents in response to price signals), and social self-regulation (voluntary behavioural change as a result of social commitments which the agents come to share). What we have in mind here is the last referent. To explain the policy concept of self-regulation, we start by outlining the general features of the environmental plans, by reference to the most recent one.

Sen has done much to argue that before individuals get down to making a rational choice, they are often confronted with an antecedent problem of fixing on the preference ordering that best captures their interests, all things considered. This antecedent problem requires taking into account all relevant aspects of the decision problem, as they perceive it. In particular, if moral considerations enter into an individual’s understanding of the context of choice, within an interdependent decision problem, then moral commitment can be modelled as follows: the individual decides to adopt a preference ordering expressing some moral social code, while simultaneously repudiating the preference orderings that express narrow self-interest, or represent conceptions of limited group interest.

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