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By S. Durand-Vidal

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The purpose of this booklet is to supply the reader with a contemporary presentation of ionic ideas at interfaces, for actual chemists, chemists and theoretically orientated experimentalists during this box. The dialogue is especially at the structural and thermodynamic homes, in terms of almost immediately on hand statistical mechanical types. a few dynamic houses also are provided, at a extra phenomenological point. The preliminary chapters are dedicated to the presentation of a few easy options for bulk homes: hydrodynamic interactions, electrostatics, van der Waals forces and thermodynamics of ionic options within the framework of a specific version: the suggest round approximation (MSA). particular beneficial properties of interfaces are then mentioned: experimental strategies reminiscent of in-situ X-ray diffraction, STM and AFM microscopy are defined. Ions at liquid/air, liquid/metal and liquid/liquid interfaces are thought of from the experimental and theoretical point of view. finally a few dynamic (transport) houses are incorporated, specifically the self-diffusion and conductance of small colloids (polyelectrolytes and micelles) and the kinetics of solute move at unfastened liquid/liquid interfaces.

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According to this model, the particle distribution function fα(r 1 cαΔt,t 1 Δt) in the α-direction at the position (r 1 cαΔt) at time (t 1 Δt) can be evaluated by the following equation: fα ðr 1 cα Δt; t 1 ΔtÞ 5 fα ðr; tÞ 1 É 1 È ð0Þ fα ðr; tÞ 2 fα ðr; tÞ τ ð1:90Þ This equation is sometimes expressed in separate expressions indicating explicitly the two different processes of collision and transformation: 9 > fα ðr 1 cα Δt; t 1 ΔtÞ 5 f~α ðr; tÞ = È ð0Þ É 1 ~ f ðr; tÞ 2 fα ðr; tÞ > f α ðr; tÞ 5 fα ðr; tÞ 1 ; τ α ð1:91Þ in which τ is the relaxation time (dimensionless) and fαð0Þ is the equilibrium distribution, expressed for the D2Q9 model as fαð0Þ & 5 ρ wα cα Uu 3u2 9 ðcα UuÞ2 113 2 2 2 1 U 2c c4 c 2 8 < 4=9 wα 5 1=9 : 1=36 for α 5 0 for α 5 1; 2; 3; 4 for α 5 5; 6; 7; 8 ' 8 <0 jcα j 5 cpffiffiffiffiffi : 2c ð1:92Þ for α 5 0 for α 5 1; 2; 3; 4 for α 5 5; 6; 7; 8 ð1:93Þ Outline of Molecular Simulation and Microsimulation Methods 27 In these equations ρ is the local density at the position of interest, u is the fluid velocity (u 5 juj), c 5 Δx/Δt, and wα is the weighting constant.

If rl is sufficiently short compared with the dimensions of a simulation region, and the information concerning the names of the neighboring particles is renewed, for example, at every 10 time steps, then a significant reduction in the computation time can be expected. The Verlet neighbor list method is applicable to the MD method as well as to the MC method. Note that the cutoff distance is usually taken as rcoff , L/2 (L is the side length of a simulation region). 12 Verlet neighbor list method.

The y- and z-coordinates are treated as in the periodic boundary condition, and the modification of vy and vz is unnecessary. For the case of evaluating interaction energies or forces, the similar procedures have to be conducted for the particles interacting with virtual particles which are in the replicated simulation boxes in the upper or lower layers. D0) THEN Outline of Methodology of Simulations 47 RYJI5RYJI1LY RXJI5RXJI1DX RXJI5RXJI2DNINT(RXJI/LX)*LX END IF A slightly simplified expression can be written as CORY5DNINT(RYJI/LY) RYJI5RYJI2CORY*LY RXJI5RXJI2CORY*DX RXJI5RXJI2DNINT(RXJI/LX)*LX The relative position RZJI in the z-direction is treated according to the periodic boundary condition.

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