Download e-book for kindle: Discrete Dynamical Systems and Difference Equations with by Mustafa R.S. Kulenovic, Orlando Merino

By Mustafa R.S. Kulenovic, Orlando Merino

ISBN-10: 1584882875

ISBN-13: 9781584882879

Following the paintings of Yorke and Li in 1975, the idea of discrete dynamical structures and distinction equations constructed speedily. The purposes of distinction equations additionally grew swiftly, specially with the creation of graphical-interface software program which could plot trajectories, calculate Lyapunov exponents, plot bifurcation diagrams, and locate basins of appeal. smooth machine algebra structures have opened the door to using symbolic calculation for learning distinction equations. This booklet bargains an advent to discrete dynamical platforms and distinction equations and provides the Dynamica software program. built through the authors and in line with Mathematica, Dynamica offers an easy-to-use choice of algebraic, numerical, and graphical instruments and strategies that let clients to fast achieve the power to:·Find and classify the soundness personality of equilibrium and periodic points·Perform semicycle research of solutions·Calculate and visualize invariants ·Calculate and visualize Lyapunov capabilities and numbers·Plot bifurcation diagrams·Visualize good and risky manifolds·Calculate field DimensionWhile it provides the fundamental theoretical recommendations and effects, the book's emphasis is on utilizing the software program. The authors current units of Dynamica periods: person who serves as an educational of the several suggestions, the opposite good points case stories of recognized distinction equations. Dynamica and notebooks akin to specific chapters can be found for obtain from the web.

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