Download e-book for kindle: Differential Analysis in Infinite Dimensional Spaces by Kondagunta Sundaresan, Srinivasa Swaminathan

By Kondagunta Sundaresan, Srinivasa Swaminathan

ISBN-10: 0821850598

ISBN-13: 9780821850596

ISBN-10: 5319865147

ISBN-13: 9785319865144

This quantity specializes in advancements made some time past 20 years within the box of differential research in countless dimensional areas. New thoughts comparable to ultraproducts and ultrapowers have illuminated the connection among the geometric homes of Banach areas and the life of differentiable services at the areas. the big variety of subject matters coated additionally contains gauge theories, polar subsets, approximation concept, team research of partial differential equations, inequalities, and activities on limitless teams. Addressed to either the professional and the complex graduate scholar, the publication calls for a easy wisdom of sensible research and differential topology

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