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By Sungbok Hong, John Kalliongis, Darryl McCullough, J. Hyam Rubinstein

ISBN-10: 3642315631

ISBN-13: 9783642315633

This paintings matters the diffeomorphism teams of 3-manifolds, specifically of elliptic 3-manifolds. those are the closed 3-manifolds that admit a Riemannian metric of continuing optimistic curvature, referred to now to be precisely the closed 3-manifolds that experience a finite basic crew. The (Generalized) Smale Conjecture asserts that for any elliptic 3-manifold M, the inclusion from the isometry workforce of M to its diffeomorphism staff is a homotopy equivalence. the unique Smale Conjecture, for the 3-sphere, was once confirmed by way of J. Cerf and A. Hatcher, and N. Ivanov proved the generalized conjecture for lots of of the elliptic 3-manifolds that comprise a geometrically incompressible Klein bottle.

The major effects identify the Smale Conjecture for all elliptic 3-manifolds containing geometrically incompressible Klein bottles, and for all lens areas L(m,q) with m no less than three. extra effects indicate that for a Haken Seifert-fibered three manifold V, the distance of Seifert fiberings has contractible parts, and except a small record of recognized exceptions, is contractible. substantial foundational and historical past

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Ii/ If h 2 H , then there exists an element g of G such that e p g D he p. x/. Proof. y/. y//. y/ lie in the same fiber of e p . For (i), let g 2 G. Since g preserves the fibers of e p , it induces a map h e Given x 2 O, e choose y 2 ˙ e with e on O. y/ D x. x/ so h 2 H . To prove (ii), suppose h is any element of H . O/ denote the singular set 1 e e with e of O. a/. s 00 / must lie in the same fiber of p. s/. s/. a/ since 0 e ˇ lies in a fiber of e p . s/ D s 0 . O///. O/// from s to t. Since g 2 G, we have p D p g .

1 In fact, when W Y ! u/ z. 1 are given in [51]. 1. For a closed subgroup H of a Lie group G, the projection G ! G=H to the space of left cosets of H always has local G cross-sections, and hence is locally trivial. To check this, recall first that since G acts transitively on G=H , it is sufficient to find a local cross-section 0 at the coset e H , where e is the identity element of G. To construct 0 , fix a Riemannian metric on G. The tangent space Te H is a subspace of Te G. Let W be a complementary subspace.

For " sufficiently small, e is a diffeomorphism onto a tubular neighborhood of V in M . V / are carried into the submanifolds @M ftg near the boundary. v/ is defined. tv/, 0 Ä t Ä 1. x// D u for all u. Let ˛W M ! Œ0; 1 be a smooth function which is identically 1 on V and identically 0 on M e. V //. V; TM/ ! X. x// for x 2 e. V // for x 2 M e. x/. x/ for x 2 M L. x// is also in @M , 1 so X. x/// is tangent to the boundary. X. x// is also tangent to the boundary. M; TM/. Assume now that V has codimension zero, so that its frontier W is a properly embedded submanifold.

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