Download e-book for iPad: Cybersong (Star Trek Voyager, No 8) by S.N. Lewitt

By S.N. Lewitt

ISBN-10: 0671567837

ISBN-13: 9780671567835

A misery sign leads the USS "Voyager" to a boat with out life-form readings. Then the Starship gets a message from an alien, inviting the staff to the send. Janeway sends a group to enquire after which reveals that the helm of the "Voyager" will not reply to directions.

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The chalky taste of dried rations and the red sand that got into every crevasse, every pore, that she thought she would never be able to scrub clean. She remembered this all so clearly it was more real than The Doctor sitting before her. And then she held up one hand to her eyes. Was it reality she remembered so very clearly, or was it the dream? Finally, Kes took her hand down and turned her eyes back to The Doctor. He was a hologram, she knew that. But he was also her friend and her mentor, and he was as fully a person as herself.

Captain Janeway raised her hand as if to wave the suggestion away. "What would she get out of it, Mr. " she asked rhetorically. "She doesn't have any more connection with whatever is in that tachyon field than we do. " Janeway sat back in her chair, her hands steepled in front of her as she considered what her security officer had just told her. " the captain asked, perplexed. "I have no opinions at this time," the Vulcan answered. "I merely point out that she has the ability and the access. She could have done it.

I'll go," Chakotay volunteered. That was when Torres, Carey, and the rest of Engineering realized that the exec was on deck. " Torres asked. Chakotay smiled. "Mr. Carey is an engineer and belongs down here. And I think I can convince The Doctor to give me the supplies. " Carey grinned and shrugged. Cutting through interfaces with laser torches really did create an unpleasant aroma, acrid and harsh on nasal membranes. He still felt very strange, alienated even from B'Elanna, with whom he had served in the Maquis and whom he had mentored through her tempestuous career.

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