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6. Immunization 7. Investigation of source of infection: 8. Specific treatment: of contacts: None. None. None. C. Epidemic measures: Since outbreaks apparently result from simultaneous infection of groups, control measures are not applicable to the episode. For measures in an endemic area, see 9A above, and Scrub Typhus. D. International measures: None. ASCARIASIS 1. —A common chronic intestinal infection by a nematode. and often vague or absent; heavy infection may cause digestive disturbances, abdominal pain, vomiting, restlessness, and dis- Identification Symptoms variable worms passed in stools or vomited are frequently the Ordinarily a mild infection, but heavy infections may result in serious complications, with deaths not uncommon among children in tropical countries.

More world-wide, often to the is unsanitated areas, especially in histolytica of people in — Amebiasis 22 countries and in mental institutions; low (1 to 5%) in well amebic dysentery is prevalent in warm and hot countries and relatively infrequent in temperate regions although infectropical sanitated cities; clinical tion rates may be high and water-borne epidemics occur occasionally. —Entamoeba 3. Infectious agent 4. Reservoir and source of infection 5. Mode feces. of transmission —Fresh contaminated vegeserved raw, cold, and moist; contamisoiled hands of infected food handlers.

6. Immunization: None. 7. Investigation of contacts cases 8. tick-free. None. and source of infection: and presence of vectors and hares. Specific treatment: Search for missed Convalescent serum reported useful. C. Epidemic measures: See Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, p. 160. D. International measures: None. B. OMSK HEMORRHAGIC FEVER AND KYASANUR FOREST DISEASE 1. — Identification These 2 diseases have marked similarities. Onset is sudden with headache, fever, pain in low back and limbs, and severe prostration; often associated with conjunctivitis, diarrhea, and vomiting by the third to fourth day.

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