Thomas Riggs's Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Volume 37 PDF

By Thomas Riggs

ISBN-10: 0787651095

ISBN-13: 9780787651091

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Grandpa Sam Ferrans, Summer of the Monkeys (also known as L'Ete des singes), BWE Distribution, 1997. Charlie, All My Friends Are Cowboys, 1998. Dr. David Wetherly, The Progeny, Fries Film Group, 1998. Sheriff Stu, Brigham City, Excel Entertainment, 2001. Bingo Gibbs, Rodeo Girl, CBS, 1980. Pete Alberts, Amber Waves, ABC, 1980. Willie Clayton, Roughnecks, syndicated, 1980. Dr. Andrew McCallister, Murder in Space, Showtime, 1985. Noa, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, ABC, 1985. Tony Boyle, Act of Vengeance, HBO, 1986.

George Jansen, The Stone Boy, Twentieth Century-Fox, BRIMLEY, Bill See BRIMLEY, Wilford Tom, Harry and Son, Orion, 1984. 'Iowa Bob" Berry, The Hotel New Hampshire, Orion, 1984. Otis Steward, Country, Buena Vista, 1984. Pop Fisher, The Natural, TriStar, 1984. Major Tours: Some of My Best Friends Are Husbands, British cities, 1985. Otherwise Engaged, British cities, 1992. K. cities, 1999. K. cities, 1999. 1983. 35 BRODERICK Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television • Volume 37 (Archive footage) Terror in the Aisles (also known as Time for Terror), 1984.

Verses, 1964. One Evening, 1964. Epithalamion (for chorus and orchestra), Leeds Festival, Leeds, England, 1967. Soliloquy, 1967. Five Carols, 1967. The Music That Her Echo Is, 1967. Two Carols, 1968. Crazy Jane, 1968. Jazz Pastoral, 1969. A Garland for Marjory Fleming, 1969. Four Devotions, 1971. Funny Thing, 1971. e House of Sleepe, 1971. 5/7e Reminds Me of You, 1971. Tenebrae, 1971. Sonnet Sequence, 1972. Nightpiece, 1972. Qu/et/y vwth Bright Eyes, 1972. 77/776 xs Whiter Scenes, 1974. 5pe//s, 1975.

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