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By Shai Feraro, James R. Lewis

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This quantity is the 1st English-language anthology to interact with the attention-grabbing phenomena of contemporary surges in New Age and substitute spiritualties in Israel. participants examine how those New Age religions and different spiritualties—produced in Western international locations inside predominantly Protestant or secular cultures–transform and adapt themselves in Israel. the quantity specializes in numerous teams and routine, similar to Theosophy and Anthroposophy, Neopaganism, Channeling, Women’s Yoga, the recent Age competition scene, or even Pentecostal church buildings between African hard work migrants dwelling in Tel Aviv. Chapters additionally discover extra Jewish-oriented practices akin to Neo-Kabballah, Neo-Hassidism, and substitute marriage ceremonies, in addition to using non secular care companies in Israeli hospitals. moreover, participants take a detailed examine the state’s response to the hot actions and progress of latest spiritual hobbies.

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Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. Taylor, B. (2001). Earth and nature-based spirituality: From earth first! And bioregionalism to scientific paganism and the new-age. Religion, 31, 225–245. Werczberger, R. (2011). Self, identity and healing in the ritual of Jewish spiritual renewal in Israel.  75–100). Be’er Sheva: Ben-Gurion University Press. Werczberger, R. (forthcoming). Jews in the age of authenticity: Jewish spiritual renewal in Israel. New York: Peter Lang. , & Azulay, N. (2011). The Jewish Renewal movement in Israeli secular society.

Contemporary popularizers of Rabbi Ashlag’s Kabbalah have molded traditional knowledge or practice into a modern practical and utilitarian system aimed at self-improvement. Thus shaped and rebranded, these methods serve as ready-to-use religious applications for the universal spiritual seeker, waiting to be picked up from the shelf of the spiritual supermarket (Roof 2001). 7 However, the parallel to Yoga and modern appropriations of Hindu and Buddhist meditations must be qualified. 8 Thus, in order to adjust themselves to the rise of the utilitarian self, its current teachers had to transform the highly religious logic by which they work—from a body of wisdom meant for the communal study and rectification of the upper worlds to a spiritual technique designed for the private development of the self—and at times, as we have seen, also import and appropriate FarEastern meditative techniques.

Contrary to Ashlag’s view that individual development is dependent on, and corresponding to, change in society as a whole (Huss 2006, 115–116), Laitman suggests that “Attainment occurs through inner work on ourselves” (Laitman 2006e, 97), and that, in fact, “there is no need to repair the world, because the only thing that needs fixing is man. Once we repair ourselves, we will find out that the world is perfect” (Aharoni et al. 2007, 131). KABBALAH THROUGH THE UTILITARIAN PRISM: CONTEMPORARY...

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