Ciba Foundation Symposium - Chemistry and Biology of by Gordon Ethelbert Ward Wolstenholme, Maeve O'Connor PDF

By Gordon Ethelbert Ward Wolstenholme, Maeve O'Connor

ISBN-10: 0470719060

ISBN-13: 9780470719060

ISBN-10: 0470722495

ISBN-13: 9780470722497

Chapter 1 Chairman's commencing feedback (pages 1–3): W. T. J. Morgan
Chapter 2 basic Chemistry of the Mucopolysaccharides (pages 4–21): M. Stacey
Chapter three Physicochemical stories on Hyaluronic Acids (pages 22–41): B. S. Blumberg and A. G. Ogston
Chapter four Immunochemical ways to Polysaccharide and Mucopolysaccharide constitution (pages 42–63): Elvina Kabat
Chapter five Biosynthesis of Mucopolysaccharides: The Uridine Nucleotides of crew a Streptococci (pages 64–84): Albert Dorfman and J. Anthony Cifonelli
Chapter 6 Sulphated Galactosamine?Containing Mucopolysaccharides (pages 85–92): Roger W. Jeanloz, Pierre J. Stoffyn and Monique Tremege
Chapter 7 The Presence in Cartilage of a posh Containing Chondroitin Sulphate mixed with a Non?Collagenous Protein (pages 93–115): S. M. Partridge and H. F. Davis
Chapter eight The impartial Heteropolysaccharides in Connective Tissue (pages 116–189): Z. Disch, A. Danilczenko and G. Zelmenis
Chapter nine N?Containing Saccharides in Human Milk (pages 140–156): Paul Lgyorgy
Chapter 10 The Pharmacological results of Polysaccharides (pages 157–186): Rolf Meier
Chapter eleven Mucopolysaccharides of Gram?Negative micro organism: more recent Chemical and organic elements (pages 187–199): Otto Westphal, Otto Luderitz, Erwin Eichenberger and Erwin Neter
Chapter 12 Mucopolysaccharides linked to Blood workforce Specificity (pages 200–215): W. T. J. Morgan
Chapter thirteen Blood workforce lively components of Plant foundation (pages 216–233): Georg F. Springer
Chapter 14 Mucopolysaccharides of Epithelial Mucus (pages 234–244): Lars Odin
Chapter 15 Glycoproteins of Plasma (pages 245–266): Richard J. Winzler
Chapter sixteen Colloidal houses of Urinary Mucopolysaccharides (pages 268–286): N. F. Maclaga and A. J. Anderso
Chapter 17 The Prosthetic crew of a few Mucoproteins and its dating to Influenza Virus (pages 287–295): Alfred Gottschalk
Chapter 18 Neuraminic Acid (pages 296–313): E. Klenk

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The most direct evidence is perhaps that of light scattering. By this method, the observed light-scattering envelope is compared with those predicted from different models. The random-coil model consists of a flexible chain of small scattering units, coiled randomly within a large, approximately spherical domain of solution, the density of scattering units TABLE I Filtration Method of preparation (1945) Mix and Snellman (1957) a (&-l)/c at c b dverage value. 3 - Light scattering Sedimentation, diffusion 550 random coil much elongated spheroid 250- rod somewhat stiff random coil 480 extended swollen sphere d Conclusions of the original authors; see text for comment.

We tried this on three or four occasions last year, adding protein back to the material which showed a specific chemical change, and it made no difference. Dische: Dr. Ogston, have you any ideas on this controversy about the proteins in the vitreous humour? I think your findings on complex formations may be related to the fact that some authors found only y-globulin in the vitreous humour and no a- or p-globulin, and others found u- and P-globulin but no y-globulin. I wonder if in these cases the vitreous humour had not been treated somewhat differently before the electrophoresis was carried out.

B. 36 s. BLUMBERG AND A. G. OGSTON CHRISTIANSEN, J. , and JENSEN, C. E. (1953). Acta chem. , 7, 1247. CURTAIN,C. C. (1955). Biochem. ,61, 688. DAY,T. D. (1950). , 166, 785. FESSLER, J. 13. D. Thesis, Oxford. FESSLER, J. H. (1956b). , 177, 439. FESSLER, J. H. (1957). , 179, 426. FESSLER, J. , OGSTON, A. , and STANIER, H. E. (1954). Biochem. , 58, 656. , JACOBS, J. , and MARKHAM, R. L. (1955). Clin. , 14, 653. GROSS,J. (1950). Ann. Y. Acad. , 52, 964. , and PIRIE,N. W. (1948). Biochem. ,42, 260. HESSELVIK, L.

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