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By Reinhard F. Hüttl, K. Bellmann

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This quantity summarises the results of an interdisciplinary examine programme entitled `Rehabilitation of the ambience of the hot States of Germany - results on Terrestrial Ecosystems'. ahead of the unification of Germany, emission a great deal of SO2 and mud debris have been as much as 18-fold better in East than in West Germany. even if, emission charges have diminished considerably considering that reunification in 1990, as a result of the breakdown of a big variety of business and especially lignite- fired powerplants and the implementation of fresh air applied sciences. with the intention to research the consequences of those dramatic adjustments in atmospheric chemistry on terrestrial ecosystems, finished box stories have been performed in pine wooded area ecosystems alongside an ancient gradient of atmospheric deposition premiums within the northeastern lowlands of Germany. the short and dramatic aid of dirt particle and SO2 emissions deals a different chance to check the function of SO2 and alkaline particle deposition with reference to adjustments or harm to woodland ecosystems and no matter if the woodland stands go back to a nation of resilience. during this admire, this surroundings test could be appeared upon as a roof scan with out a roof.

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90). o ~------------------------------------------~ 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Figure 2. Relationship for mean sulphate sulphur (S01--S) contents in current year's pine needles vs. yearly means of sulphur dioxide (S02) concentration at the three field sites Responses of sulphur- and nitrogen-containing compounds 45 7 . 5 0> E --Z 45 . 1 C ea. 5 L---~----~----~----~--~----~----~--~ 24 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 NO x (1-19 m-3) Figure 3. Relationship for mean non-protein nitrogen (NPN) contents in current year's pine needles vs.

Contents of total nitrogen, non-protein nitrogen, protein nitrogen, soluble protein, nonprotein nitrogen/ protein nitrogen ratio, glutamine and arginine (mean values ± standard errors) of the current year's pine needles. Significance was determined according to the Mann-Whitney Utest. A 48 H. Schulz et al. higher amounts of total nitrogen, NPN, protein nitrogen and soluble protein. The nitrogen fractions indicate no clear temporal trend. Changes with increased contents of nitrogen and NPN has been measured in needles at Taura since 1993.

The eluent consists of a carbonate/hydrogencarbonate solution. Total nitrogen (N), non-protein nitrogen (NPN), protein nitrogen (PN) Total nitrogen of needles and soils was determined by using the micro-Kjeldahl method. 2S0 mg needle powder or 2 g milled humus layer were digested with sulphuric acid and Wieninger catalyst mixture. For measuring the non-protein nitrogen content of needles, SOO mg needle powder was treated with 10% trichloroacetic acid (20 ml) in a boiling water bath (10 min). After protein precipitation overnight, the filtrate was used for Kjeldahl-analysis.

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