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By Dikranjan D.N., Tholen W.

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This booklet presents a complete express thought of closure operators, with functions to topological and uniform areas, teams, R-modules, fields and topological teams, as good as partly ordered units and graphs. particularly, closure operators are used to provide ideas to the epimorphism and co-well-poweredness challenge in lots of concrete different types. the fabric is illustrated with many examples and workouts, and open difficulties are formulated which should still stimulate additional learn. viewers: This quantity might be of curiosity to graduate scholars researchers in lots of branches of arithmetic and theoretical laptop technological know-how. wisdom of algebra, topology, and the easy notions of class concept is thought.

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Y has a right M-factorization, its diagonalization property easily gives f (ox) = oy . For f E M and M closed under composition, this means f ox = oy , hence Ox = Oy . Under each of the following hypotheses, an object X of X has a trivial M-subobject: PROPOSITION (a) X has finite M-unions ; (b) X has M-pullbacks, and MIX has a least element; (c) X has an initial object, and every morphism has a right M-factorization. Proof (a) By definition. 23) as the composite Ox --+ v-1 (N) - N . (c) For an initial object I of X, obtain ox as the M-part of the right M-factorization of the only morphism I -* X.

Whenever M-completeness (rather than finite M-completeness) is needed, we shall say so explicitly. £ will always denote the class determined by M and property (3). 2 The local definition of closure operator A closure operator C of the category X with respect to the class M of subobjects is given by a family C = (CX)XEX of maps cX : M/X -+ MIX such that for every X E X : (Extension) m < cx(m) for all in E MIX ; (1) (2) (Monotonicity) if m < m' in MIX , then cX(m) < cX(m') (3) (Continuity) f (cx(m)) < cy (f (m)) for all f : X - Y in X and mEM/X By the monotonicity condition, m = m' implies cX(m) = cx(m') .

7(3), belongs again to M. We shall discuss examples of closure operators more systematically in Chapter 3. Here we just mention the most fundamental example which gives guidance for the general terminology: EXAMPLE (Kuratowski closure operator) For a subset M of a topological space X , the (Kuratowski) closure of M in X is defined as usual by kX(M)={xEX:UfM#Olforevery open setU9x}=M. This way one obtains a closure operator K = (kX)XETop of Top with respect to the class M of embeddings. 3 Closed and dense subobjects An M-subobject m : M -+ X is called C-closed (in X) if it is isomorphic to its C-closure, that is: if j,,, : M -+ cX(M) is an isomorphism.

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