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Muscles always shorten in the direction of their origin. Anterior Medial SCALENUS M. Posterior • • • Scalenus is a Latin word derived from the Greek skalenos meaning odd or uneven. In geometry the word refers to a triangle with unequal sides. Cantarella Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy Head and Neck Illustration 27 THE LONGUS COLLI MUSCLES In the next layer of neck muscles, going inward, are the longus colli muscles, which help the neck to bend and rotate. It is in three parts: upper (superior) and lower oblique muscle and, joining these, a vertical muscle.

Biceps derives from the Latin bi and caput, meaning two heads. Cantarella Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy Arm and Hand Illustration 43 THE TRICEPS BRACHII MUSCLE Lateral Head The triceps brachii muscle extends the forearm, straightens it out from a bent position and assists in pulling the entire arm inward (adduction). It has three heads called long, lateral, and medial. The long head arises from the infraglenoid tuberosity, a slight projection just below the glenoid cavity. The lateral head arises on the upper rear surface of the humerus.

Its fibers merge into a tendon that crosses the joint to insert on the greater tubercle of the humerus. This tubercle is just behind the head of the humerus. Infraspinatus M. THE INFRASPINATUS MUSCLE The infraspinatus muscle along with the supraspinatus muscle assists in rotating the arm backward. Another of the rotator cuff muscles, it arises just under the spine of the scapula, passes over the outside edge of the scapula, and inserts on the greater tubercle right next to, and almost fusing with, the supraspinatus muscle.

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