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By D. A. Begelman (auth.), Daniel M. Doleys Ph. D., Ronald L. Meredith Psy. D., Anthony R. Ciminero Ph. D. (eds.)

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Shaping. The most frequently used method to condition a new response IS silaping. In shaping, remforcement is at first delivered contmgent on an approximation of the targ~t response. e,approximationj, This continues until the terminal response becomes the contingency. Spasmodic torticollis has been successfully treated using shaping to reinforce increasingly normal head positions. Brierly (1967) constructed a special headgear that administered a mild electric shock to the wrist when head position was abnormal.

Butterfield, W. H. Safety, ethical, and legal standards for instrumentation in therapy and research. American Psychologist, 1979, 4, 365-366. Cahoon, D. D. Symptom substitution and the behavior therapies: Reappraisal. Psychological Bulletin, 1968, 69, 149-156. Davison, G. C. Appraisal of behavior modification techniques with adults in institutional settings. In C. M. ), Behavior therapy: Appraisal and status. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1969. Eysenck, H. J. Behavior therapy and the neuroses. New York: Pergamon, 1960.

The eating environment can be changed by removing all eating cues from the house except for the dining area; candy and nut dishes, trays, and so forth, can be removed. Another important change is elimination of all "junk food" and candy from the house. Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Behavior Self-Recording. Use of self-recording is often sufficient to produce a significant reduction in problem behavior with a motivated patient. The OPERANT CONDITIONING 35 mechanism of action might be mild punishment combined with positive reinforcement.

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