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By Andrew H. Wallace

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This self-contained therapy assumes just some wisdom of genuine numbers and actual research. the 1st 3 chapters specialise in the fundamentals of point-set topology, and then the textual content proceeds to homology teams and non-stop mapping, barycentric subdivision, and simplicial complexes. routines shape an essential component of the textual content. 1961 variation.

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That r 34 4. Periodic Points and Stable Sets is, aperiodic point has prime period ko if it returns to its starting place for the first time after exactly ko iterations of f· The set of all iterates of the point x is called the orbit of x, and if x is a periodic point, then it and its iterates are called a periodic orbit or a periodic cycle. 5, we again consider f(x) = -x 3 . The points 1 and -1 form a periodic orbit with prime period 2. The set of points with period 2 is {-1,1 , 0}, while the set of points with prime period 2 is {-I , I}.

20 2. A Quick Look at Functions c) Let a, b, c, and d be real numbers satisfying a < band c < d. Prove that the intervals (a, b) and [c, d] are not homeomorphic. 19 Let f : D are true: ~ C and 9 : C ~ E. Prove that the following statements a) If f and 9 are onto, then go f is onto. b) If f and 9 are one-to-one, then go f is one-to-one. c) If f and 9 are continuous, then go f is continuous. d) If f and 9 are homeomorphisms, then go f is a homeomorphism. f : D ~ C and 9 : D ~ C be continuous functions.

Hint: Use a computer graphics package to look at the graphs of hand h 3 . 3 Show that f(x) = ~4 arctan(x) does not have a point with prime period 32. What are the possible prime periods of periodic points of f? Hint: Use a computer graphics package to look at the graphs of the iterates of f. 4 Suppose that 10 , II, 12 , ... , I n - 1 are closed intervals and f is a continuous function such that f(h) :;, h+l for 0 ::; k < n - 1. , . :;, A n - 1 such that fk(Ak) = h for 1 ::; k ::; n - 1. 46 5. Sa rkovskii's Theorem b) Show that there is a point Xo in 10 such that r(xo) is in Ii for O::;i::;n - l.

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