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J dx as We see that n. ^g^ 5? ,-) j ' J+l D S j €1 ' S cu . )|2d? )|2d§ . (X'1(x))a(\"1(x)) = xa(X^(x)) = xa(x, j) . 7. ) is constant for some n . If there is point spectrum, then the corresponding eigenspace is infinite dimensional. 7. »-J Chapters 3 and 4 are devoted to the analytic properties of the family of operators case. Lp . In chapter 3 we will show that The analysis is quite simple. parabolic case L- is holomorphic on Le is entire in the elliptic In chapter 4 we will prove that in the (0,2TT) .

2 3 F € L (H /F) which have a ; the norm is [|F|2 + || grad F||2 ]dVol . is the invariant Dirichlet integral. We will use to denote the invariant length of a vector field, X . is also sometimes used to denote the L -norm of the function, F . It will always be clear from the context whether the expression appearing inside II • II i s a vector in T3H o or an o L -function. 20 Charles L. E p s t e i n 12 3 W ' (H /T) The l o c a l p r o p e r t i e s of of 12 3 W-,' (3R ) 3 in H / r functions. For example, i f then a function 12 3 f € W ' (M /T) t o S as a function i n 2 L (S) given by: 2 L (S) .

3: qp(u) is an entire family of type a. The family of operators L- defined by family of type B, self adjoint for real q_ is an entire ? and with a compact resolvent for all ? 9. 8 it suffices to show that resolvent for one value of For L- has a compact 5 as it is a holomorphic family of type B. 2 |u| * dx idx2dy -3 y ^u,2\dxldx2dy 34 Charles L. Epstein P is a compact domain in K r bounded above and below on J\|Vu|Z + |u|2)dV 3 P r* with a piecewise smooth boundary; y is and thus it is clear that: < q (u) + || u ||2 < C J(|Vu|2 + |u|2)dV where dV = dx-dx dy .

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